At Acupuncture Northwest we are so lucky to have such amazing patients’ and be apart of such a supportive community. Read a few words from our patients, both past and present.

“I used to have a chronic arthritic pain in my knees. I started going to acupuncture regularly and my life completely changed! With consistent maintenance treatments, I’m able to keep up my daily workout regimen, which includes stretching, weightlifting and walking over 30 miles per week.  I’m amazed with my immediate results and instant pain relief. I no longer have to “tough it out” and live with discomfort.”

“I’m embarrassed how much I rave about Acupuncture Northwest  to friends and family. Seriously, they are just that good. Sarah helped me initially with some terrible back pain, and I’ve continued to go on a regular basis to maintain good health. I have since been in for so many different health issues that have arose. I believe strongly in the value of acupuncture, and I’m so glad to have Acupuncture Northwest as part of my wellness team.”

“By having a profession as an athlete and trainer, the wear and tear on my body is tremendous, especially after major surgeries and car accidents. Acupuncture has been one of the few constant things I can depend on when my body is struggling to make it. Not only do they help restore me to good health physically, but also mentally and emotionally. My body is always relaxed, in less pain, and my brain is more calm after every session. They take the time to get to know their patients, and you can tell they love what they do.”

“I have been a patient of Sarah’s for a number of years. I have referred patients, colleagues, and friends to her and her practice. My wife sees her, and my two small children have seen her. She has helped us with everything from night terrors to tummy aches. She helps my whole family, which is yet another way she helps me. When I pass her information on to new people, I usually mention that on multiple occasions I have watched her put needles into my kids. At the end of the day, this feels like the most compelling endorsement I can give.”

“I first made an appointment with on the recommendation of my N.D. to see if I would benefit from acupuncture for my feelings of depression and  low energy. I experienced a profound “lightening” of my mood and an increase in my overall energy level after the very first treatment. The positive effects have continued and made a lasting and noticeable change in my wellbeing.”

“As a physical therapist myself, I hate to see my own patients spend unnecessary money. But I do think any type of complementary and alternative medicine is definitely worth a try if it means taking less/no medicine  and can truly improve your symptoms. If you’re tossing around the idea of acupuncture for whatever ails you I highly recommend Acupuncture Northwest, they truly are the best.”

“I had no idea what I was getting into when I started acupuncture. Sarah has helped me by being a wonderful healing presence in my life during an otherwise challenging time. While her technical skill set is on point, what really makes her great, is something less measurable, but certainly no less palpable. My interactions with Sarah leave me feeling like she really seeks to understand what I am going through, she genuinely cares about what happens to me after I leave the clinic. Sarah opens herself up, and takes the time to make me feel valued as a person. It is because of this she feels more like a partner than a provider. This ability is an art that must be developed over time. It is built from a foundation of caring and then honed with a great deal of work. She wholeheartedly puts herself into her practice, and you can feel that energy. As a patient, this is one big reason why I look forward to my appointments. No matter what is going on, I always feel spiritually, physically, and emotionally better when I leave.”

“I started looking into acupuncture in search of relief from my anxiety attacks.  Stephanie was not only able to get me off the medication I was taking for anxiety, but she has kept it at bay as well.  Since then I have continued to go for other conditions. I have discovered that it greatly improved my allergies to pollens and molds, my digestion as well as helping me improve my diet.”

“I’ve been going here for nearly seven years following two motor vehicle accidents and countless physical therapy and chiropractic sessions that didn’t seem to provide much long term relief.   After nearly giving up hope on returning to my quality of life, I met Sarah and have never turned back. Following my accidents I never imagined living a life free of pain before I met her.”

“A little over a year ago after many, many doctor visits and countless labs, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I went from someone who rarely ever saw the doctor to a Kaiser regular overnight. After being prescribed a ridiculous amount of drugs, some with horrifying side effects, and seeing only a small improvement in my health, I knew I had to seek alternative treatment. Acupuncture was the absolute best thing I could have done! Over the last year I have gone from not being able to make a fist or walk without a wobble, to kickboxing workouts and hiking.  I have taken back my life and knocked down my long list of medications to only one. Acupuncture has helped me manage my RA in a way that I never knew was possible and I absolutely recommend Acupuncture Northwest for anyone struggling with RA or other chronic pain.”

“I started going to Acupuncture Northwest for hip pain. Then I discovered it helped with my daily stress. When I leave a session I have of real sense of well being – physically, mentally, and spiritually. I find that by going on a regular basis I am reminded to do other things for a healthy lifestyle – eating right, drinking enough water, even breathing correctly.”

“Going into my first session I was so nervous! As a first timer, I felt totally comfortable and taken care of. Sarah made me feel so at ease and left my first time wanting to do it again! I have seen Sarah on a regular basis for back problems, anxiety, and chronic migraines. Every time I go I feel relieved! If you are thinking about acupuncture, you should go here!”

“A while back, I injured my back very badly gardening. A MRI revealed severely compressed disks, two protrusions and stenosis. I tried everything from both traditional medicine to all sorts of alternative health care. While some progress was made I still had significant pain every day for over a year. I was told I was not a good candidate for surgery, which I wanted to avoid. I was referred to acupuncture as a last stitch resort, because I had literally tried everything else! Immediately my pain began to lessen. After only a few sessions, I have now been pain free for months. Every single time I get treated by Stephanie I feel better than when I walked in. I don’t really understand how she does it . . . it might be magic. I have referred at least a dozen people to see Stephanie for back pain, sprained ankles, arthritis, and more. Every one of the people she treated was thrilled with the process and their success and are now also advocates for acupuncture and for Stephanie. She is really a special person and a true healer.”

“Five years ago, I started going to acupuncture for my lower back pain. After trying massage therapy, physical therapy and visits to the chiropractor, acupuncture was the first treatment that gave me relief past 24 hours. I’ve consistently continued to go to acupuncture and feel like I am truly able to live a healthier balanced life because of it.”