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We feel there are many human conditions that are not dealt with adequately by Western medicine. Acupuncture, by nature, is a multi-pronged approach to healing. It simultaneously addresses physical and emotional imbalances making it especially appropriate and effective at treating complex conditions.

We invite you to contact us if you are investigating health treatment options for chronic pain, stress relief, infertility, or any other physical or emotional issue that may be impacting your life.


Our expert staff bring years of healing experience to our Portland-area practice


Learn about some major areas of health that we work within.

  • Medical Conditions

    Acupuncture can effectively treat and prevent a wide array of diseases and health conditions, both acute and chronic.

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  • Pediatrics

    Acupuncture is used very successfully to treat children, from infancy on up. Young adults and pre-teens also experience huge benefit from acupuncture.

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  • Cancer

    Combining Eastern medical therapies with Western cancer treatments creates a more integrated, balanced approach to your care.

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  • Auto Accidents

    Whether you are a driver, passenger, pedestrian or bicyclist and you have been involved in an automobile collision, there are options to help you get care.

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Read a few words from our clients, past and present.

  • “A while back, I injured my back very badly gardening. A subsequent MRI revealed severely compressed disks (I lost over 2 inches of height), two protrusions and stenosis. I tried everything from both traditional medicine to all sorts of alternative health care. While some progress was made I still had significant pain every day for over a year. I was told I was not a good candidate for surgery, which I wanted to avoid. I was referred to Stephanie and acupuncture as I had tried pretty much everything else. Immediately my pain began to lessen. After many sessions, like peeling back the layers of an onion, I became able to start to work on developing my core strength, and have now been pain free for months. Every single time I get treated by Stephanie I feel better than when I walked in. I don’t really understand how she does it . . . it might be magic. I have referred at least a dozen people to see Stephanie for back pain, sprained ankles, arthritis, and more. Every one of the people she treated was thrilled with the process and their success and are now also advocates for acupuncture and for Stephanie. She is really a special person and a true healer.”
  • “I went to Acupuncture Northwest in search of relief from my anxiety attacks.  Stephanie was not only able to get me off the medication I was taking for anxiety, but she has kept it at bay as well.  Stephanie has also greatly improved my allergies to pollens and molds, my digestion as well as helping me improve my diet.  Acupuncture Northwest has become first stop in maintaining my health!”
  • “I have been going to acupuncture with Stephanie Worth for about a year now. It is a constant positive in my life. It has helped control my stress and has eased pain in my hip. Stephanie is very personal in her approach but extremely professional. The session itself is very relaxing and the time goes by quickly. When I leave I have of real sense of well being – physically, mentally, and spiritually. I find that by going on a regular basis I am reminded to do other things for a healthy lifestyle – eating right, drinking enough water, even breathing correctly. Stephanie and Acupuncture Northwest have helped to make it easy to get through a tough year in my life.”
  • “Thanks to Stephanie, I will soon be celebrating my first year smoke free anniversary after smoking for 50 plus years.  I still can’t believe how easy the process was.  No terrible cravings or any of the other withdrawal symptoms you hear about.  Stephanie has a very special gift.  She is understanding, compassionate, your biggest advocate, not judgmental and so knowledgeable in many different areas.  And yes, I brag on her acupuncture skills whenever I can.  The clinic is spotlessly clean, very comfortable with the most helpful and friendly staff.  Stephanie is currently helping me with other issues.  Acupuncture with Stephanie’s help has changed my life in so many different ways.  I am very grateful.”
  • “Stephanie is incredible! She is calm, understanding, knowledgeable and so easy to talk to. The first time I met with her she made me feel completely at ease. I originally went to see Stephanie to help alleviate headaches and to regulate my cycle. Not only was she able to regulate it, she taught me that acupuncture can also be relaxing. I always leave her office feeling stress-free and at my best both physically and mentally. Thanks Stephanie!”
  • “Some people work to live, I work to go to acupuncture. I love most aspects of my job as a second grade teacher, but it requires constant energy. Acupuncture is my opportunity to be refueled physically, emotionally and mentally. Five years ago, I started going to acupuncture for my lower back pain, which resulted from breaking it in a motor vehicle accident over ten years ago. After trying massage therapy, physical therapy and visits to the chiropractor, acupuncture was the first treatment that gave me relief past 24 hours. I’ve consistently continued to go to acupuncture and feel like I am truly able to live a healthier balanced life because of it.”
    MK, Teacher
  • “I’ve received acupuncture care from Stephanie for two years and she can be highly recommended. I’m 57, male and have a chronic arthritic knee stemming from ligament repair surgery in my 20’s.  My symptoms include pain and swelling.  With Stephanie’s consistent maintenance treatments, I’m able to keep up my daily workout regimen, which includes stretching, weightlifting and walking over 30 miles per week.  I’m amazed with my immediate results and thanks to Stephanie, I no longer have to “tough it out” and live with discomfort. Although it was acupuncture that drew me to Stephanie, I’ve further benefited from her vast knowledge of exercise, Chinese medicine and well-being.  I’m immersed from day to day in the practicality of her advice from common cold treatments to diet, and from stretching to strength training, all with natural prescriptions.  She has changed my life.”
    Phil, Insurance Agent
  • “I made an appointment with Sarah on the recommendation of my N.D. to see if I would benefit from acupuncture for my feelings of depression, low energy and being stuck. I experienced a profound “lightening” of my mood and an increase in my overall energy level after the very first treatment and the positive effects have continued and made a lasting and noticeable change in my wellbeing. During the course of my treatment other issues came up- one day a migraine, one day hip/lower back pain, tendonitis and heel pain: all effectively treated- amazing! The entire experience has been positive, Kristine who manages the front desk is always cheerful, kind, efficient and professional. I worked with both Sarah and Stephanie and found them to be compassionate, focused and highly skilled. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone- it can change you!”
  • “I had a persistently sore knee that caused me pain every day, and now it works and feels great. All after only one visit with Sarah Hayes. It was basically stiff, sore and painful to bend all the time. I had to stick my leg out straight when I squatted down to pet my dog, pick a weed or line up a putt.  After many bottles of Advil, and repeated visits to doctors who told me there was nothing wrong with my knee, I was lucky enough to find Sarah.  I’ve also had her work on my back when it gives me trouble.  Body pain is an unfortunate reality from time to time. I’m just glad to have someone to call. Someone who can actually make a difference!”
    SS, Account Supervisor
  • “Sarah’s ability to listen and get to the root of the problem is amazing. She has treated my back, elbow, and Achilles tendon successfully. My body and back were totally out of alignment due to muscle spasms that stopped after just two treatments. I have been to several acupuncturists, and Sarah is the best by far. You know that she really cares about your wellness and a return to an active lifestyle.”
    JF, Travel Agent
  • “On and off over the last few years I have had trouble with a sore muscle in my right arm. Too much use caused a great deal of pain and tenderness. Last summer I hurt it more than usual adjusting the parking brake on a Jeep, and knew it was time to quit ignoring the problem. Sarah diagnosed the cause and treated me with acupuncture. Her explanation of what was wrong and her treatment were so effective I not only thank her, but recommend her highly.”
    LC, Professor
  • “My first visit with Sarah was a complete lark. I had absolutely no expectations. Family and friends had visited acupuncturists and I simply wanted to say I had, too. A friend recommended her and so I called, filled out the forms, sat down for an interview, and when she asked me what I would like to have treated that day, I said, Whatever seems right to you. The session was pleasant enough, but other than feeling more relaxed than I had expected, I didn’t notice anything remarkable. Went home, had a normal day and evening and then, bang, woke up the next day at 5 a.m. feeling completely awake and full of energy. Had one of the best and most productive days I’ve experienced in a long time. Called her that day to ask two questions: Who are you? and When can I come back? Since then I have sought her help a lot. Minor injuries to chronic symptoms I had thought I was going to live with the rest of my life. I don’t hold back. So count me among the members of the fan club who will happily share their experiences with anyone who is interested.”
    JSS, Biologist
  • “I had never tried acupuncture until a pinched nerve in my neck last year and decided to try a Chinese acupuncture doctor. One visit and back to normal. Tweaked lower back this year and my previous doctor had retired. A friend at work told me about Sarah. Right off the bat I knew she would be perfect. She’s “into it” to truly help people. Her enthusiasm and insight were unbelievable in just one visit, not to mention her obvious mastery of acupuncture. She did advise me it might take one to four visits. I could barely tie my shoes on Wednesday morning, saw Sarah that afternoon and proceeded to play in a golf tournament the next morning! I will go to Sarah for any and all further treatments and cannot recommend her highly enough.”
    TH, Marketing Manager
  • “Absolutely a great experience. I was a first timer, and I felt totally comfortable and taken care of. Sarah helped incredibly with back problems and headaches. She works hard to work with you, and cares about each of her patients. I have recommended Sarah to many of my friends, and they have all been impressed. It is a no pressure atmosphere with exemplary personal attention. If you are thinking about acupuncture, you should go here!.”
    MW, College Student
  • “I have been to a number of alternative health care practitioners – acupuncturists, naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists – and Sarah is one of the best I’ve ever been treated by. Because you describe all your symptoms, not just one specific ache or pain, I imagine the amount of information can be overwhelming at times. Sarah has a gift for sorting out what to focus on. She helped me a lot and even followed up with a phone call to check on my progress. I recommend her highly, especially for the kinds of chronic ailments that make M.D.s throw in the towel. She is very patient and dedicated.”
    CS, Writer
  • “I started seeing Sarah at the beginning of the year when I could not get out of bed because of intense back pain. In less than a year I am participating in my second triathlon. I would never have been able to do this without Sarah’s fabulous gift. She knows where the pain is and gets results. I highly recommend her to people who have a sports injury. Also worked wonders on my seasonal allergies.”
    CV, Bar Manager
  • “Sarah is awesome! She is kind, compassionate and very skilled. Her rooms are very calming and her technique is so gentle and so effective. I’ve been seeing her for anxiety and joint pain, both of which are gone or nearly gone. I would recommend her to anyone.”
    EP, Administrative Assistant
  • I have been under Sarah Hayes' care for over 10 years. Being my first acupuncture experience, I was not quite sure what to expect. From day one it was clear that she had a holistic approach unlike any I had experienced before. Over the years I have seen her for a myriad of reasons. I have had stressful moments in my life that she was able to treat and care for. I have had issues with achieving good sleep, that she helps me with. I'm plagued by a mind that has a tendency to overthink, that she helps reset. The list goes on but the constant is her attentive, effective and approachable care.


    She always allows time at the beginning of a session to "check-in" and see how I'm doing. Sarah creates a safe and non-judgemental environment from the moment you meet her. All this builds instant trust, which is so important. After telling her what's on my mind she always says, "We will fix this." I love that. Her confidence in our shared approach is the first step in feeling better. She often has a relevant story on the topic at hand with a positive spin.  She is quick to remind me about my strengths and has the ability to put everything into perspective. She has checked in after a session to see how I'm doing and assure me that all will be well. These little details matter and it's what I, consistently, get with Sarah. The underlying theme is that she genuinely cares for the well-being of her clients. I can credit her for helping me sleep more effectively, becoming a better dad and a more confident man.

  • Personally, Sarah helps me by being a wonderful healing presence in my life during an otherwise challenging time. While her technical skill set is on point, what really makes her great, is something less measurable, but certainly no less palpable. My interactions with Sarah leave me feeling like she really seeks to understand what I am going through, she genuinely cares about what happens to me after I leave the clinic. Sarah opens herself up, and takes the time to make me feel valued as a person. It is because of this she feels more like a partner than a provider. This ability is an art that must be developed over time. It is built from a foundation of caring and then honed with a great deal of work. She wholeheartedly puts herself into her practice, and you can feel that energy. As a patient, this is one big reason why I look forward to my appointments. No matter what is going on, I always feel spiritually, physically, and emotionally better when I leave.


    Professionally, Sarah helps me by being an ally. Sarah is someone to whom I can comfortably and confidently refer my patients, knowing full well that they will be well supported. She brings the same healing energy to all of her clients, something that is echoed time and time again from clients we share. Sarah is a master of her craft.

    I have been a patient of Sarah's for a number of years. I have referred patients, colleagues, and friends to her and her practice. My wife sees her, and my two small children have seen her. She has helped us with everything from night terrors to tummy aches. She helps my whole family, which is yet another way she helps me. When I pass her information on to new people, I usually mention that on multiple occasions I have watched her put needles into my kids. At the end of the day, this feels like the most compelling endorsement I can give.


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