Patient Testimonials

Relief from Hand Pain

“In January of 2013 I started coming for acupuncture and herbal treatment by Rachel Gilman. I have a hand disease called dupuytrens syndrome. My right hand was in a 30% contracture and I had seen surgeons and a radiologist for radiation for possible treatment. I decided to try acupuncture first. In two months of coming to the clinic, many times two times per week, I was able to see my hands begin to release. By four months they were nearly completely released. I now see Rachel regularly for maintenance treatment of the hand problem and other issues that have come into play since then. Rachel is a healer. She is gifted and talented in many ways as a healer. One of the qualities I like best about Rachel is that she will get outside opinions from other practitioners if she feels it necessary.”


Running Again

“Thank you, Sarah Carter! My back has felt amazing since my last appointment with you and I’ve been running and doing yoga again! You rock!”

Leslie, Massage Therapist

Fertility Issues

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sarah Carter! Sarah has helped me work through fertility issues while being not only a health advocate, but my personal cheerleader. She has improved my health and quality of life by taking the time to listen! I do not know how my husband and I could have gone through this past year without Sarah by our side.  She is both professional and highly compassionate, which is something that is difficult to find in the world of health care.  Sarah has a true desire to help others which is evident from the first time you meet her.   Her warm disposition and soothing bedside demeanor create the ideal balance of comfort.

On top of fertility issues, Sarah also helped me with chronic hip pain and bursitis.  In one miracle session, she worked magic! For the first time in years, I was pain free!

Sarah is the only acupuncturist I will see.  After years of jumping around from treatment room to treatment room, I have found a home and lifelong acupuncturist with Sarah Carter.  I send all my friends and family to her – they too, are thrilled.”

Amanda, Yoga Teacher

Knowledgeable Practitioner

“Rachel is an exceptionally knowledgeable acupuncturist with a very professional manner that inspires trust and confidence. Her training, her confidence in the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment, and her genuine interest in the overall well being of her clients are all key aspects of her successful treatments. She is an excellent listener who gives her full attention, and she has the ability to answer questions in a comprehensive and understandable manner that lets you know she has clearly understood your concerns and encourages the type of additional discussion that enhances treatment decisions and effectiveness.  Rachel offered numerous recommendations that have assisted me in altering my lifestyle in a positive manner.

Rachel has been a pleasure to work with in so many ways. She is personable, professional and knowledgeable in performing acupuncture treatments for a wide variety of issues. It has been great to work with such a caring person. I whole-heartedly recommend her as an exemplary practitioner.”

Kellie, Personal Trainer at NPTI

Free from Back Pain

“A while back, I injured my back very badly gardening. A subsequent MRI revealed severely compressed disks (I lost over 2 inches of height), two protrusions and stenosis. I tried everything from both traditional medicine to all sorts of alternative health care. While some progress was made I still had significant pain every day for over a year. I was told I was not a good candidate for surgery, which I wanted to avoid. I was referred to Stephanie and acupuncture as I had tried pretty much everything else. Immediately my pain began to lessen. After many sessions, like peeling back the layers of an onion, I became able to start to work on developing my core strength, and have now been pain free for months. Every single time I get treated by Stephanie I feel better than when I walked in. I don’t really understand how she does it . . . it might be magic. I have referred at least a dozen people to see Stephanie for back pain, sprained ankles, arthritis, and more. Every one of the people she treated was thrilled with the process and their success and are now also advocates for acupuncture and for Stephanie. She is really a special person and a true healer.”


Relief from Chronic Issues

“Sarah Carter is an awesome person with a wealth of knowledge in acupuncture treatment and also stretching exercises that complement acupuncture treatment.  I find her expertise in acupuncture exceptional and have experienced relief from chronic issues, some that have plagued me for years.  One big thing I notice about Sarah is that she listens.  Not just to my complaints of aches or pains, but to things that have nothing to do with the physical treatment she provides.  She realizes listening is part of the whole treatment process.  You can trust her with your physical as well as mental health.  She has developed a wonderful treatment style and I highly recommend her.”

Suzy, Billing Manager

From a Physical Therapist

“Thank you so much for your treatments, Rachel. Acupuncture is great for getting customized treatments for detoxification and regeneration. Mechanical problems definitely need to be addressed by mechanical means but I feel like acupuncture was a perfect compliment to what I was working on relieving in my body. I would most definitely recommend Rachel for people seeking alternative methods of treatment for either illness or wellness. She listens well, is personable, is genuinely interested in the problem and does an excellent job at creating a treatment.”

TS, Physical Therapist

Anxiety Relief and More

“I went to Acupuncture Northwest in search of relief from my anxiety attacks.  Stephanie was not only able to get me off the medication I was taking for anxiety, but she has kept it at bay as well.  Stephanie has also greatly improved my allergies to pollens and molds, my digestion as well as helping me improve my diet.  Acupuncture Northwest has become first stop in maintaining my health!”


Living a Healthy Life

“I have been going to acupuncture with Stephanie Worth for about a year now. It is a constant positive in my life. It has helped control my stress and has eased pain in my hip. Stephanie is very personal in her approach but extremely professional. The session itself is very relaxing and the time goes by quickly. When I leave I have of real sense of well being – physically, mentally, and spiritually. I find that by going on a regular basis I am reminded to do other things for a healthy lifestyle – eating right, drinking enough water, even breathing correctly. Stephanie and Acupuncture Northwest have helped to make it easy to get through a tough year in my life.”


Smoke-Free After 50 Years

“Thanks to Stephanie, I will soon be celebrating my first year smoke free anniversary after smoking for 50 plus years.  I still can’t believe how easy the process was.  No terrible cravings or any of the other withdrawal symptoms you hear about.  Stephanie has a very special gift.  She is understanding, compassionate, your biggest advocate, not judgmental and so knowledgeable in many different areas.  And yes, I brag on her acupuncture skills whenever I can.  The clinic is spotlessly clean, very comfortable with the most helpful and friendly staff.  Stephanie is currently helping me with other issues.  Acupuncture with Stephanie’s help has changed my life in so many different ways.  I am very grateful.”


Stress-free and Relaxed

“Stephanie is incredible! She is calm, understanding, knowledgeable and so easy to talk to. The first time I met with her she made me feel completely at ease. I originally went to see Stephanie to help alleviate headaches and to regulate my cycle. Not only was she able to regulate it, she taught me that acupuncture can also be relaxing. I always leave her office feeling stress-free and at my best both physically and mentally. Thanks Stephanie!”


A Family Affair

“We came to Acupuncture NW looking for treatment for our child with Autism.  Now it’s a family affair, all of our 4 children have experienced Stephanie’s healing touch!  Stephanie made all of us feel safe and through her gentle and confident approach, my kids felt comfortable with the needles.  Through acupuncture and NAET, our child with Autism is calmer, more focused, has better eye contact, and has made great strides in school and socially, not to mention some relief from allergies.  The whole family is grateful for her ability to help our daughter feel less moody and more regulated, not to mentioned that she is no longer reacting to gluten!  She helped our high schooler relax after a particularly stressful period at school (much to his surprise!).  Stomach troubles that plagued our 13 year old are gone. Stephanie was persistent in getting to the root of my chronic back pain and spasms, bringing me relief I haven’t experienced in years!

Both Stephanie and Sarah are truly present when they are with you, you never feel like you are just a patient. They treat each patient in a unique way, specific to their needs.  There is a good feeling from the moment you walk in the door at Acupuncture NW and it lasts throughout the treatment and beyond.  I wish we could go every day!”


Refueling with Acupuncture

“Some people work to live, I work to go to acupuncture. I love most aspects of my job as a second grade teacher, but it requires constant energy. Acupuncture is my opportunity to be refueled physically, emotionally and mentally. Five years ago, I started going to acupuncture for my lower back pain, which resulted from breaking it in a motor vehicle accident over ten years ago. After trying massage therapy, physical therapy and visits to the chiropractor, acupuncture was the first treatment that gave me relief past 24 hours. I’ve consistently continued to go to acupuncture and feel like I am truly able to live a healthier balanced life because of it.”

MK, Teacher

Chronic Back Pain

“Stephanie comes highly recommended for anyone experiencing any discomfort in his or her life. She corrected what physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments could not and kept me from considering back surgery at the age of 26 – don’t ask me how, but she’s done it. Not only has she treated injuries from my teenage years, but also with her consultation and intuitive treatments she has enhanced my quality of life to a level I didn’t know existed. Her methods whole heartedly have ones best interest in mind – she is capable of tailoring her services to your needs on an appointment to appointment basis while always striving to get you back to your best health. She is kind, understanding, knowledgeable, intuitive, and incredibly talented. She can hear things your body is saying with a simple touch and addresses those pains with the appropriate treatments you are comfortable with. At no point do you feel uncertain or nervous – you immediately will want to give yourself over to her and her healings.

For the first time since I can TRULY remember, I am able to stand and sit with straight posture. Even now that we have tapered off our appointments because of my progress, with one session she will have me feeling on top of the world again. I have never felt so free. Thank you Stephanie for enhancing every part of my life.”

AC, Public Relations

Able to Exercise Again

“I’ve received acupuncture care from Stephanie for two years and she can be highly recommended. I’m 57, male and have a chronic arthritic knee stemming from ligament repair surgery in my 20’s.  My symptoms include pain and swelling.  With Stephanie’s consistent maintenance treatments, I’m able to keep up my daily workout regimen, which includes stretching, weightlifting and walking over 30 miles per week.  I’m amazed with my immediate results and thanks to Stephanie, I no longer have to “tough it out” and live with discomfort.

Although it was acupuncture that drew me to Stephanie, I’ve further benefited from her vast knowledge of exercise, Chinese medicine and well-being.  I’m immersed from day to day in the practicality of her advice from common cold treatments to diet, and from stretching to strength training, all with natural prescriptions.  She has changed my life.”

Phil, Insurance Agent

Low Energy & Depression

“I made an appointment with Sarah on the recommendation of my N.D. to see if I would benefit from acupuncture for my feelings of depression, low energy and being stuck. I experienced a profound “lightening” of my mood and an increase in my overall energy level after the very first treatment and the positive effects have continued and made a lasting and noticeable change in my wellbeing. During the course of my treatment other issues came up- one day a migraine, one day hip/lower back pain, tendonitis and heel pain: all effectively treated- amazing!

The entire experience has been positive, Kristine who manages the front desk is always cheerful, kind, efficient and professional. I worked with both Sarah and Stephanie and found them to be compassionate, focused and highly skilled. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone- it can change you!”


Knee Pain

“I had a persistently sore knee that caused me pain every day, and now it works and feels great. All after only one visit with Sarah Hayes. It was basically stiff, sore and painful to bend all the time. I had to stick my leg out straight when I squatted down to pet my dog, pick a weed or line up a putt.  After many bottles of Advil, and repeated visits to doctors who told me there was nothing wrong with my knee, I was lucky enough to find Sarah.  I’ve also had her work on my back when it gives me trouble.  Body pain is an unfortunate reality from time to time. I’m just glad to have someone to call. Someone who can actually make a difference!”

SS, Account Supervisor

Back, Achilles, and Elbow Pain

“Sarah’s ability to listen and get to the root of the problem is amazing. She has treated my back, elbow, and Achilles tendon successfully. My body and back were totally out of alignment due to muscle spasms that stopped after just two treatments. I have been to several acupuncturists, and Sarah is the best by far. You know that she really cares about your wellness and a return to an active lifestyle.”

JF, Travel Agent

Shoulder Pain

“On and off over the last few years I have had trouble with a sore muscle in my right arm. Too much use caused a great deal of pain and tenderness. Last summer I hurt it more than usual adjusting the parking brake on a Jeep, and knew it was time to quit ignoring the problem. Sarah diagnosed the cause and treated me with acupuncture. Her explanation of what was wrong and her treatment were so effective I not only thank her, but recommend her highly.”

LC, Professor

Help for Me and My Children

“My son and daughter (8 and 6 years old) were introduced to acupressure three years ago. My daughter had been suffering from horrible night terrors at least three times a week. I couldn’t wake her up or console her, and the fits of wailing, screaming and hitting could often last up to an hour. I didn’t really expect a cure, that would have have been too much to ask for. To my delight and surprise, however, just after three treatments her terrors were gone. Some might say it was coincidence, but I’m convinced otherwise and will continue to pursue this so-called alternative medicine for myself and for my children whenever a need arises.

Sarah came highly recommended to me and just after spending an hour with her, I couldn’t schedule my next appointment fast enough. She listens with an open and caring heart, she is gentle and fun-spirited with children and her passion for healing and working with others shines through.

Sarah has a gift and we are fortunate she has decided to share this gift with us. Whether you have a specific ailment, are low in energy or want to open yourself and your children to a wonderful experience, I highly recommend you spend some time with her.”

JM, Sales and Marketing VP

A Surprising Turn of Events

“My first visit with Sarah was a complete lark. I had absolutely no expectations. Family and friends had visited acupuncturists and I simply wanted to say I had, too. A friend recommended her and so I called, filled out the forms, sat down for an interview, and when she asked me what I would like to have treated that day, I said, Whatever seems right to you. The session was pleasant enough, but other than feeling more relaxed than I had expected, I didn’t notice anything remarkable. Went home, had a normal day and evening and then, bang, woke up the next day at 5 a.m. feeling completely awake and full of energy. Had one of the best and most productive days I’ve experienced in a long time. Called her that day to ask two questions: Who are you? and When can I come back? Since then I have sought her help a lot. Minor injuries to chronic symptoms I had thought I was going to live with the rest of my life. I don’t hold back. So count me among the members of the fan club who will happily share their experiences with anyone who is interested.”

JSS, Biologist

Healthier Living and Fertility

“I decided to try acupuncture hoping to help with my anxiety, chronic headaches, and most importantly to help with fertility. I knew these issues were all somehow related, and after learning a bit about acupuncture, it made sense that “opening up the energy pathways” would be a helpful tool in my quest for healthier living. I was a bit nervous at first, and Sarah picked up on that immediately. Her calm voice, her professional yet gentle demeanor, and her ability to communicate her actions all calmed my nerves, making my first experience one that led to many, many more. For someone who had never meditated, the needles left me motionless long enough that my mind would slow down, and I found myself focusing on my breathing and at times so relaxed I would fall asleep. Each time Sarah would find out my current status on anxiety, body aches, digestion, mood, and the list would go on. We would have a conversation that would ultimately get her the information she needed to know where to do the needles that day, yet it always just felt like I was chatting with a friend. Almost always she would focus on my fertility, and just knowing the energy was being sent to the right place gave me confidence and hope that someday I would be blessed with a baby. To make this story simple: My headaches almost completely stopped, my anxiety went way down, enough to help me quit smoking cigarettes, and 3 months into our treatments, I found out I was pregnant. I feel like I owe so much to Sarah, and of course our humble acupuncture wizard takes very little credit. My whole family thanks this wonderful woman for helping me to be where I am today, and the little baby in my belly will forever be bonded with Sarah too.”

AM, Counselor/Therapist

Pregnancy and Delivery

“Recently I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I believe the health of my baby and of me are due in large part to the care I got from Sarah Hayes at Acupuncture Northwest. Sarah and I met weekly throughout my pregnancy where she encouraged me to get in touch with my current stage of pregnancy and state of mind, all the while educating me on what I could do to relax and provide a calm and nurturing environment for my baby in utero. We worked on relaxation, massage, tension points, stress management, tummy massage, and other methods specific to preparing for birth and prenatal treatment. I was so happy with my care, I had invited Sarah to attend my birth to assist me in the birthing process with acupuncture and acupressure.
Sarah has such a wonderful way of communicating with an open mind and a soft delivery. And she is so passionate about her field — it shows in every visit. Sarah always makes you feel comfortable and safe in that peaceful treatment space she has created.

Now I see Sarah to manage daily stresses that life and motherhood present. I always leave Acupuncture Northwest feeling more alive, in tune with my body, and ready to take on the day.”

TD, Marketing Director

Back Pain

“I had never tried acupuncture until a pinched nerve in my neck last year and decided to try a Chinese acupuncture doctor. One visit and back to normal. Tweaked lower back this year and my previous doctor had retired. A friend at work told me about Sarah. Right off the bat I knew she would be perfect. She’s “into it” to truly help people. Her enthusiasm and insight were unbelievable in just one visit, not to mention her obvious mastery of acupuncture. She did advise me it might take one to four visits. I could barely tie my shoes on Wednesday morning, saw Sarah that afternoon and proceeded to play in a golf tournament the next morning! I will go to Sarah for any and all further treatments and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

TH, Marketing Manager

Back Problems and Headaches

“Absolutely a great experience. I was a first timer, and I felt totally comfortable and taken care of. Sarah helped incredibly with back problems and headaches. She works hard to work with you, and cares about each of her patients. I have recommended Sarah to many of my friends, and they have all been impressed. It is a no pressure atmosphere with exemplary personal attention. If you are thinking about acupuncture, you should go here!.”

MW, College Student

Alternative Insights

“I have been to a number of alternative health care practitioners – acupuncturists, naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists – and Sarah is one of the best I’ve ever been treated by. Because you describe all your symptoms, not just one specific ache or pain, I imagine the amount of information can be overwhelming at times. Sarah has a gift for sorting out what to focus on. She helped me a lot and even followed up with a phone call to check on my progress. I recommend her highly, especially for the kinds of chronic ailments that make M.D.s throw in the towel. She is very patient and dedicated.”

CS, Writer

Back Pain and Allergies

“I started seeing Sarah at the beginning of the year when I could not get out of bed because of intense back pain. In less than a year I am participating in my second triathlon. I would never have been able to do this without Sarah’s fabulous gift. She knows where the pain is and gets results. I highly recommend her to people who have a sports injury. Also worked wonders on my seasonal allergies.”

CV, Bar Manager

Anxiety and Joint Pain

“Sarah is awesome! She is kind, compassionate and very skilled. Her rooms are very calming and her technique is so gentle and so effective. I’ve been seeing her for anxiety and joint pain, both of which are gone or nearly gone. I would recommend her to anyone.”

EP, Administrative Assistant

A Runner in Pain

“Okay folks, whoever reads this needs to understand that I came to Sarah as a 100% skeptic, but every time I would complain about my running related injuries, someone from my company would not only recommend acupuncture, they would actually mention Sarah Hayes by name, telling me that she is simply a miracle worker and you need to go. Of course I put it off and the pain in my knees kept getting worse with each run I tried to do. I think half the people at Adidas (where I work) are seeing Sarah for treatment and each of them kept telling me to go and see her. What got me to finally make the call to Sarah was a strange case of lockjaw that I had never even heard of — it hit me so hard I could barely open my mouth to eat.

So here I am, a guy that has always been very healthy with virtually no injuries and now I can’t even run and even eating is an issue. My first visit to Sarah was with more than a little preconceived fear and trepidation, but she quickly put me at ease with her genuine compassion and spirit of caring about getting me well.

I am here to admit that I was very fearful of the needles. Then Sarah showed me what they were and my response was, “That’s it, that’s all they are”? My first session I even asked if she had even put the needles in, and she smiled and said, “I am all done.” I don’t know how to explain this any other way, but Sarah simply has a gift. She is more than a Dr. of acupuncture, but she also becomes somewhat of a counselor as you come to understand that so much of your physical issues are wrapped up in your day to day stresses of life.

Now for the good part. After two sessions with Sarah, my lockjaw was healing up nicely and I was able to eat pretty freely. I came to see her for serious issues with my left knee and after three sessions, I was running again pain-free on the left knee. We are now working on the right knee and I know that this will become pain-free as well.

Sarah seems to understand the one thing that people who are in the service industry so often forget. It’s all about the customer. When I am working with her, I often feel at the moment that I am the only patient that Sarah has. She simply gives of herself in such a way that you are ready to respond to the healing before the needles even start. Sarah has managed to create what I would call an “acupuncture experience” from the minute you walk in until the minute you leave. This previous skeptic is now a true believer in the medicine.
Sarah, you are truly a godsend.”

JG, Sales and Marketing

Stress and Chronic Problems

“As a left-brained, science-educated person, I have to admit that I was skeptical of acupuncture when I first walked into Sarah’s office. I had been experiencing several chronic physical ailments, including gynecological problems, headaches, anxiety and acid reflux. Western doctors attributed my symptoms to the catch-all umbrella of stress and told me that my problems would go away “in time.” After a year, I was tired of waiting and desparate to try something new. As scared as I am of the idea of needles, I put my trust in Sarah and hoped for the best. And I am so glad I did. While I admit that I still don’t understand how it all works, I know that I feel 1000% better in only a few sessions. All of the ailments I had come in to address are now completely gone! In addition, Sarah has cured my uncontrollable sugar cravings, which turned out to be a huge added bonus that I never expected.

I really appreciate that, unlike my Western doctors, Sarah takes time before each treatment to ask me questions about all aspects of my life so that she can treat me as a whole person, and not just as body parts. I also like that the only side effects I experience are a sense of relaxation, elevated mood, and alleviation of my ailments. In addition to being a great acupuncturist, Sarah is very caring and easy to talk to. I really look forward to my acupunture treatments and would recommend Sarah Hayes to anyone seeking acupuncture treatment!”

KD, Attorney

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