What We Treat

Acupuncture can treat a wide variety of health conditions, both acute and chronic. Combining Eastern medical therapy and Western treatments can create a more integrated approach to your care. Many first time patients are surprised to learn how wide reaching the arm of acupuncture treatment truly extends. At our clinic we see so many patients who get used to living everyday in poor health. Chinese medicine takes a step back and looks at the whole person or the big picture. Our practitioners use acupuncture and herbs to provide a unique treatment plan that targets the root of the problem, rather than just managing the symptoms. Contact our front desk at 503-493-9389, to consult with one of our providers and start on the path to better living today.

Some of the major conditions we treat are as listed, but not limited to:


Pain is one of the most common reasons people initially seek out acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is a great tool for treating both acute and chronic pain of all types. We treat patients’ who have new injuries as well as those suffering from long term chronic pain. Acupuncture works by promoting blood flow to the tissues and speeding up the bodies ability to feel relief from whatever unique pain you might be experiencing.

Sports Injuries:

We see so many patients that come in for a wide variety of sports related injuries such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bulged discs, and more. Acupuncture gets deep into the muscle, breaking up scar tissue and promoting blood circulation to the tissues. This aids in the repair and recovery so you can get back to being active.

Mental Health: 

Living in a world of constant overstimulation with little relief can trigger an abundance of emotional imbalances. At or clinic we treat patients struggling with anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. We provide a natural alternative for these ever so unique conditions by creating customized treatments for each patient that we see.


Having the training, resources, and knowledge to be able to work with children is something that we pride ourselves on. Children come into our clinic for ADHD, anxiety, seasonal allergies, and they actually get better! We understand how unique these conditions can be and how they present themselves in children. When working with children we utilize all of our treatment modalities to best help them.

Fertility & Menstrual Pain: 

Our practitioners are trained to use the versatility of Chinese medicine and acupuncture to support women who are pregnant, trying to conceive, as well as women seeking to manage the symptoms of menopause. We help women with all sorts of hormonal imbalances, PMS, migraine headaches, and PBCS symptoms. Regulating healthy hormone balances and supporting women at whatever stage they come in seeking treatment for.


Natural management of both seasonal and chronic allergies is something we commonly treat at our clinic. Acupuncture reduces the inflammation residing in the body and calms down the aggravated membranes. Supporting a strong immune system means utilizing all the modalities of Chinese medicine, something we have perfected. 

Digestive Disorders: 

With an increase in the complexity of digestive problems many people seek out Chinese medicine for a customized treatment plan. Our practitioners have a plethora of experience treating patients with intolerances, imbalances, and diagnosed medical conditions. We believe that a healthy life can stem from a balanced digestive system, so we create unique treatment plans for each patient that we see.

Cancer Therapy: 

Working hand and hand with traditional Western medicine practices, we are able to provide pain relief to many patients that come into our clinic. By supporting the patient and respecting their needs we are able to coordinate the best care for anyone with cancer or cancer treatment related side effects.

Auto & Bike Accidents: 

Acupuncture is a great tool to utilize if you have been involved in the trauma of an accident. Being able to fully relax muscle spasms, find relief from insomnia, and many more severe symptoms that accompany accidents.