The Power of Mint

Most everyone has heard of mint, and have likely grown it in their garden at some point. Mint is also a Chinese herb called Bo He. In Chinese medicine, it is used to expel wind-heat from the head region, and treats symptoms like fever, headaches, red eyes, cough and sore throat. It is also used to help vent rashes of the skin by bringing pathogens to the surface to speed up healing.

Because of it’s aromatic properties, mint is commonly added during the last 5 minutes of an herbal decoction. Drinking mint tea before bed can stop nightmares in their tracks. In Chinese medicine, nightmares come from heart heat. Mint helps clear heat in the body and in turn can eliminate nightmares. Breathing in vapors from mint tea can also help clear cold symptoms in the head. It is cheap, easy and is very effective. It is also safe for kids.

Peppermint essential oil and a muscle gel with menthol (we like Dynamint) are two great remedies to combat cold and flu symptoms. Body aches are a terrible symptom of a bad virus, but applying a thin layer of Dynamint over the muscles of the back and neck can reduce body aches by up to 95%! Sinus pressure is another debilitating symptom. It makes it difficult to think, eat and even sleep. Spreading a thin layer of peppermint oil over your sinuses (above the eyebrows and below the eyes) will really relieve the pain. Just be sure to avoid the eyes!