Tune up with Acupuncture

Portland Acupuncture Auto Accident PainMany patients come to Acupuncture Northwest seeking treatment for a specific problem, like a painful lower back, insomnia, or poor digestion. But what happens after that specific problem is treated and resolved? For most patients, we transition them to maintenance treatment.

The purpose of maintenance acupuncture treatments is to promote continued health, and prevent future symptoms or illness. Essentially, we want you to feel this good for a very long time. Much like how we take our car in for a tune-up, and invest in regular service to extend the life of the car, maintenance acupuncture can prevent symptoms of illness before they arise.

As a patient, maintenance could mean getting treatment one to four times a month, depending on the issue. For patients who feel the need for regular stress management or tension release, a treatment every week or every other week works wonders. For those who aren’t experiencing many symptoms of illness, but want to continue to feel balanced and strong, treatments once a month serve as smart long-term investments towards health.

Maintenance is so crucial to ongoing health because we are constantly bombarded by small stressors throughout our day, and they accumulate over time. Eventually, we succumb to the pileup of “junk” that has accumulated and we start having unwelcome symptoms. Acupuncture is like a reset for the body. An hour of acupuncture to keep your body in balance is a great way to avoid pain, boost immunity and keep your body running as healthy and happy as possible. By getting regular tune-up treatments, you can reduce the likelihood of injuries, and decrease the effects of stress, like weakened immunity, depression, anxiety, body pain, insomnia and digestive problems.

Why let your body fall back into old, unhealthy habits, when you have already done the work to start feeling like your best self, and it takes only minimal effort to stay there? You wouldn’t ignore the oil change light in your car, would you? Invest in your own body, today.