GMO Products and Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten is a big topic these days, and there is no shortage of information on gluten sensitivity, gluten-free products and diets. We see many patients at our clinic who have serious health issues due to a sensitivity to gluten. When they eliminate gluten from their diets, they get exponentially better. But why is this happening? Why are we seeing so many patients who have trouble with gluten?

An interesting article regarding this issue was posted on the Whole Food Nutrition website. They talk about GMOs** and how they might be increasing the incidence of gluten sensitivities. There is always room for skepticism when it comes to the sources of information we encounter on the web, but this is worth a read.

**GMOs stand for genetically modified organisms. Basically, it means taking a gene from one species and inserting it into the DNA of another species. This type of genetic engineering is used in research, to create pharmaceutical drugs, experimental medicine, and agriculture. GMO foods are created to resist pests, herbicides, or harsh conditions in the environment.

You can read more about GMOs and find information on how to find GMO-free products on the Whole Life Nutrition website. You can read more about the process of genetic modification here.