How Herbal Formulas Make You Better, Faster

People know a lot about acupuncture, and after their first appointment, they can’t wait to come back. They learn how non-invasive and effective it is, and they love the way they feel when they walk out after a treatment. Acupuncture is familiar in Portland. But what about Chinese herbs?

We often hear patients say “I don’t really like to take anything” when it comes to their health. We get that. There are so many products out there, so many supplements and prescription medications. It’s hard to know what is right and what’s safe for you. But the truth is, sometimes the body needs a little more help. We are hard on our bodies, and people can develop various deficiencies as a result. To correct a deficiency, you need to give the body what it needs, address things from an internal perspective. This is where Chinese herbs and supplements come in. They can help speed up your healing process and push you past a plateau you might have reached in your recovery.

We are all familiar with taking a prescription medication. We are accustomed to taking a tiny pill once or  twice a day, and waiting for symptoms to subside without thinking too much about it. Chinese herbal formulas are a little different. We take them more often, they are primarily plant-based, and they sometimes smell and taste funny. They also come in various forms:

Capsules or tablets (referred to as patents or teapills) are most commonly taken at our clinic. They are easy to take, easy to pack with you to work or school, and don’t have much taste.
Granules are the powder form of formula. They are mixed with hot water and patients drink them as a tea.
Bulk herbal formulas are a mixture of whole herbs, decocted in hot water and also drunk as a tea.

Most of us don’t like taking pills. And although taking an herbal formula might seem like a lot of work in the moment, the long-term gains are huge. Back to our beloved analogy….you change the oil in your car, why wouldn’t you want to do maintenance on your body to keep it in top form? A few more reasons why herbal formulas are so awesome:

– The formulas are balanced, so there are little to no side effects
– They are natural, often plant-based, and not synthetically engineered, so our bodies process them like a food!
– They correct the ROOT of the problem so it goes away, not just treat the SYMPTOMS
– By correcting the root of the problem, you avoid taking pills the rest of your life!

In Chinese medicine, we are always striving to treat the root of the problem and restore balance to the body. Think of acupuncture as primarily treating the acute and the excess conditions. Chinese herbs and supplements treat the chronic and deficient conditions. Both methods aim to create more balance in your body, and make for a very powerful approach to healing!