Meet The Practitioners

Acupuncture Northwest is a team of diverse and skilled practitioners striving to teach our patients how to live balanced, whole, and vibrant lives. Everyday we encounter a wide range of  human conditions that are not adequately treated with Western medicine. We truly believe that everyone’s road to healing and recovery is unique. At our clinic we use acupuncture to address each patient’s custom needs. We are truly passionate about Chinese medicine, because we have seen how it can change lives. Contact us today to consult with one of our skilled practitioners and begin your customized road to healing.

Sarah Hayes

Sarah Hayes is the founder and creator of Acupuncture Northwest. Sarah is a native Northwestern and her down to earth character is an absolute reflection of that. Early in life Sarah knew that she wanted to pursue a career as a Western medical physician . She began her pre-medical journey at the University of Oregon where she studied Biology and Environmental Science.  Later Sarah moved to Seattle, where she worked for a non-profit organization, while there her pursuit of a career in Western medicine drastically shifted course.

At the age of 23 Sarah had her first experience with chronic pain that completely changed the way she saw the world of Western medicine. For the first time Sarah was on the forefront of what doctors called untreatable pain. They offered her temporary solutions but no effective long term resolutions to treat her pain. Then Sarah discovered acupuncture. An alternative form of treatment that was actually effective and resolved her pain in four short treatments. Finding true relief from her pain not only gave Sarah her life back but it made her want to help other people discover what they were missing. 

Sarah attended Oregon’s College of Oriental Medicine where she eagerly and passionately studied the art of Chinese medicine. After graduating she took all of her experience, expertise, and passion and used it to open her own practice. Since then she has welcomed two other practitioners into her practice and together they have treated more patients than they ever imagined possible. Sarah has been a practicing acupuncturist  for fourteen years now and her passion for healing continues to grow everyday. 

Stephanie Saffer

Stephanie Saffer has been a practitioner at Acupuncture Northwest since its early beginnings. Stephanie began her journey with acupuncture in her early twenties. She has always had a passion for health and wellness, that pushed her to pursue a career as a Western medical pediatrician. Early on she discovered that the scope of western medicine did not fully encompass the big picture of health. 

Shortly after she had her first encounter with Chinese medicine. She saw firsthand how regularly participating in acupuncture could so quickly improve her overall health and well being. Her idea of what medicine was and how it should be practiced completely changed. She became inspired to practice Chinese medicine so she could share her story of healing and recovery with others.

Stephanie went on to become an Oregon State Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Board Certified in Oriental Medicine. Her passion for education and Chinese medicine then pushed her to receive her Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. She has also had the privilege of traveling to Nanjing, China to complete additional hands on, clinical training. Stephanie has such a passion for Chinese medicine because she has been able to see the profound changes it has made in her life and in the lives of people around her. She is constantly taking her passion for acupuncture and teaching her patients’ how to lead healthier, pain free lives. 

Rebecca Ladizhensky

Rebecca Ladizhensky has been practicing with Acupuncture Northwest for three years now. Though originally from New York, she now calls Portland her home. Her passion for acupuncture stemmed from her personal road to healing as a child. For a long time Rebecca battled a lot of childhood health issues, that western medicine couldn’t treat. She sought relief in many various forms but it wasn’t until her family stumbled across Alternative/Chinese medicine that for the first time Rebecca was completely sickness free. 

From that point on Rebecca’s family made a shift in lifestyle, diet, and mindset. Later in life Rebecca studied business as her undergraduate degree. While working as a production coordinator at a fashion corporation she sought acupuncture treatment from a friend. Rebecca was reminded of the healing that she had experienced as a child and realized that she was not fulfilling her true life’s purpose. 

Rebecca took her love for alternative medicine and received a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University. Her passion eventually led her around the world where she studied at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. Rebecca’s personal path to healing shapes the way she practices acupuncture and how fervently she educates her patients. She truly believes that better living is a top priority and that acupuncture can genuinely help you feel better long-term.