Women’s Health Series-Part 1

Or practitioner Rebecca is going to be doing a video series on Women’s Health. In this first video she answers some of the most common questions that she gets asked, relating to fertility, breeched babies, IVF, and more! Watch the full video to learn more.

Cold & Flu Season

Are you feeling sick?

Is everyone around you getting sick?

We are in the midst of the cold and flu season. It can be so hard to prevent yourself from getting sick, but also hard to heal yourself if you do catch something. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are great tools to utilize during times of high sickness prevalence. Our founder Sarah sits down and talks about the benefits of using alternative medicine as a prevention tool as well as for treatment.

Fight the cold and flu season, by giving your body the best care possible. Give us a call at (503) 493-9389 to schedule an appointment today!

How often should I get treatment?

One of the most common questions that we get asked is how often should I be getting treatment? Simply put, it completely varies from person to person. Sarah answers this question by talking about different frequencies that some of our patients come in to see her. The key to better living is consistency in wellness behaviors. It is so important to take the time to check on your physical and emotional health. Consistently participating in acupuncture can lead to healing and balance in your life. Consult with one of our practitioners today to see what treatment plan works best for you.

Q&A Series 3

This week we sat down with our practitioner Stephanie Saffer and answered more of your submitted questions! The first question that Stephanie answers in the video is an area of acupuncture that she specializes in, pediatrics. Did you know that at our clinic we treat a wide variety of pediatric patients? These tiny patients range in age and come in for so many unique conditions ranging from allergies, anxiety, ADHD, and many more!

In the second question Stephanie talks about how we use pulse diagnosis to aid in identifying conditions. Chinese medicine is so vast and the forms of treatment present themselves in many unique modalities. Taking advantage of all of the different branches of Chinese medicine can lead to treatment for such a wide variety of conditions. Pulse diagnosis is simply a branch or modality that we utilize at our clinic to help recognize problems and treat at the root.

Tune into the video for the answer to the ever so popular question, “What if I’m afraid of needles?” Keep submitting your questions and comments! We love the feedback and we love hearing from you. Get a hold of our front office at 503-493-9389 to schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners.