Q&A Series 2

This week for our question and answer session we sat down with our practitioner Rebecca Ladizhensky. We love answering all of your questions and we especially love when you submit special topic requests! This week one our patients asked us to talk about mental health. So many people struggle with mental health conditions. But treatment for mental health in the world of Western medicine often comes in the form of prescriptions. What if you want other options? Can acupuncture fill in the gaps?

Rebecca is one our practitioners that is familiar seeing patients with a wide range of emotional conditions. In this weeks Q&A she talks about how acupuncture can help patients cope with daily stressors, overcome extreme anxiety, and find long term relief. Mental health does not need to be something that you figure out how to cope with, or simply live with day to day. There are alternative options that exist and acupuncture is one of them.

Contact our front office today at 503-493-9389 to set up an appointment to speak with one of our practitioners. Also please keep submitting your amazing questions and feedback, we love our active community!

Our Supplement Partners

Acupuncture is one branch of Chinese medicine that we utilize at our clinic in order to treat a wide variety of conditions. However, Chinese medicine is not simply limited to acupuncture and that is not the only modality that we utilize to treat our patients. We understand that every patient that walks through the door is going to need to a custom treatment plan and that the healing process will look unique person, to person. That is why it is absolutely vital that we not only take advantage of acupuncture as a method of treatment but we aid in the process by using herbal and nutritional supplements.

We choose partners and products that are tried and tested by all of our practitioners. All of the products that we carry and recommend are truly things that we feel passionate about. Utilizing Chinese herbal supplements accompanied with acupuncture gives your body the raw materials to be able to respond to treatment faster and see lasting results. Our skilled practitioners assess each patients’ needs and customize an individual treatment plan combining acupuncture, supplements, and body work modalities.

Based on the assessment of our skilled providers we recommend a wide variety of nutritional and herbal supplements. At our clinic we carry supplements that can help reduce cold, flu, and allergy symptoms for both adults as well as children. We have supplements that aid in digestion and restore gut health. Nutrition is a huge facet in overall health and for that reason we carry clean protein powders, fibers, and cleanse kits. We also carry supplements that aid in symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Our inventory is diverse and completely customizable to the needs of our patients.

Herbs and supplements can completely change the course of your treatment when they are utilized properly. Call our office at 503-493-9389 or schedule online to consult with one our providers today.

Q&A Series 1

Everyday our practitioners get so many great questions about how acupuncture works, what types of conditions we treat, and many more. We posted on social media, received phone calls, and asked our regular patients that came into the clinic what questions about acupuncture they would like to have answered by our practitioners. The amount of feedback and questions that we received in reply was astounding!

We are so lucky to be apart of such an active community of patients and followers. So in order to best keep up with your questions we have decided that we are going to turn our Q&A video into a series! Our first video in the series features our practitioner Stephanie Saffer. She answers a few questions about some of the specific conditions that we treat, how we treat them, and how acupuncture can target our patients’ needs.

We would love to hear more of your questions! Feel free to comment on our Facebook post, call our front desk at 503-493-9389, or leave your questions in person. Our practitioners are so excited to have the chance to reach out to a wider audience and answer some of the common questions about acupuncture that we know so many people have! Stay tuned for series 2!

Scared of Needles? Don’t be!

Acupuncture can sometimes be thought of as scary and intimidating when you associate the use of needles with pain relief. Many people simply don’t know what an acupuncture needle looks like or how the process of acupuncture even works. We are here to debunk all of the myths and show the reality of how healing this alternative type of treatment can be.

Acupuncture needles are single use, pre-packaged, medical grade, sterilized needles. At our clinic we use the smallest gauge of stainless steel needle equivalent to two strands of human hair. When inserting the needles our practitioners use a technique to engage the stretch receptors resulting in a pain free insertion.

Regardless of whether you are coming into our clinic for the first time, are a returning patient, or are just curious, we would love to answer your questions! Acupuncture can treat such a wide variety of conditions ranging from stress, sports injuries, infertility, chronic conditions, or even general wellness. Don’t let the fears, myths, stigma, and questions stop you from getting treated!

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