Stop Smoking Now

Do you or someone you love need to quit smoking?

We have a specific protocol and plan for you! We have helped many patients kick the habit at Acupuncture Northwest. Most people have tried other treatments without success, but are able to be successful with acupuncture. It is really amazing to help someone get something they have always wanted, to be a nonsmoker, to not be dependent on cigarettes, to have their lungs feel clean and clear and healthy. Patients describe it as a new lease on life. Our protocol is simple and painless, and we have many other tools to help equip you during situations when cravings are high. We ask patients to make three consecutive appointments after an initial appointment to build a solid foundation towards recovery. Now is the time to make the decision to quit, you have nothing to lose and we are here to help you!

Happy Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of incredible physical and emotional change, a time when it’s even more important to support your health and well-being. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help you handle the unique challenges of pregnancy, allowing you and your baby to experience optimal health. We have a lot of experience, both professional and personal, to help guide you through this unique experience whether it’s your first or third pregnancy. It’s common during pregnancy to have unanticipated symptoms, challenges and aliments. Many pregnant women prefer not to take medication if they don’t have to. Acupuncture is a great way to address your health when you are pregnant in a safe and non-invasive way.

A good way to look at how acupuncture can help with many of the issues that naturally come along with pregnancy is by trimester:

1st trimester: Sets the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. Helps relieve morning sickness, vomiting, fatigue, constipation, acid reflux, low back pain and hormonal headaches. Morning sickness responds so well to acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and we can even show patients acupressure points that they can use to help treat themselves.

2nd trimester: Helps alleviate common complaints like constipation, heartburn, edema, stress, hemorrhoids, emotional balance, insomnia, high blood sugar, and elevated blood pressure. The second trimester is supposedly the easy third of pregnancy. Clinically we see a lot of women with headaches as well as injuries to the low back.

3rd trimester: Prepares the body for labor and delivery. Alleviates back pain, sciatica, pubic pain and hip joint pain. Chinese medicine treats breech position babies with moxabustion. We also see a lot of women for induction around 39-40 weeks. Acupuncture is not going to force your body into labor, but it will encourage your uterus to contract and your cervix to dilate. It is an effective way to get your body’s natural processes to kick in!

After the baby has arrived, acupuncture is also very effective in dealing with issues like postpartum depression, mastitis, insufficient lactation, postoperative healing, postpartum discharge, and hemorrhoids. It can help regain your strength after labor and delivery, rebalance you emotionally and address many other concerns that come with redefining your life as being a mother and having a new born.

Stop Pain with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is amazing. In our culture, it is best known for relieving pain. We treat patients every day for all kinds of pain. Though pain relief is just a small part of what acupuncture can do, it is very effective; and not at just reducing pain, but eliminating it altogether. Even patients with chronic pain find relief under our care. But how does it work?

Chinese medicine theorizes that pain, distress, or disease is caused by either a blockage or an imbalance of Qi. Conditions that can cause this include trauma, stress, emotions, diet, and general lifestyle. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs restore the proper flow of Qi, returning the body to its natural state of balance allowing the body to heal itself quickly and completely. Acupuncture points lie on meridians that run throughout the body. These points are what access and effect different physiological functions in the body. Treatment is based on symptoms and the causes of those symptoms.

People often ask how Western medicine would describe how acupuncture treats pain. There are five main theories posed by the Western medical community:

The “Augmentation” Theory: Acupuncture raises levels of triglycerides, specific hormones, prostaglandins, white blood counts, gamma globulins, opsonins, and overall anti-body levels. This is why acupuncture can treat disorders relating to immune deficiencies. Example: Pain that is a result of emotional stress, hormone imbalance or autoimmune diseases is easily treated with acupuncture.

The “Endorphin” Theory: Acupuncture stimulates the secretions of endorphins in the body (specifically enkephalins). Endorphins are our body’s natural pain killers. They are 1000 times stronger than morphine.  This is how acupuncture can provide immediate pain reduction. Example: Tan style acupuncture, using imaging, provide pain relief within seconds of the needle being placed.

The “Neurotransmitter” Theory: Certain neurotransmitter levels (such as serotonin and noradrenaline) are affected by acupuncture. This is why acupuncture is so successful with depression and mood disorders. This is also the reason people feel so amazing after a treatment.  Example: Weight loss treatments consider low serotonin levels that may be causing sugar cravings.

The “Circulatory” Theory: Acupuncture has the effect of constricting or dilating blood vessels. This may be caused by the body’s release of vasodilaters (such as histamine), in response to acupuncture.  Example: using acupuncture to treat edema and chronic injuries by releasing a fresh supply of RBCs and WBCs to areas of scar tissue build up and blockage.

The “Gate Control” Theory: Highly researched among western scientists.  According to this theory, pain signals must pass through a number of high-traffic “gates” as they move from the area of injury upward through the spinal cord into the brain. Like a road or highway, these nerves can handle only a limited number of nerve signals at one time. Acupuncture generates competing stimulus and interrupts the neurotransmission of the pain signals, preventing them from reaching the brain. The result: we never “experience the pain”. Example: the use of acupuncture anesthesia.

Each of these theories examines acupuncture from a different perspective, and help to illustrate why acupuncture is effective at treating many different types of pain, whether acute or chronic.

Fertility and Acupuncture

At Acupuncture Northwest we see a lot of fertility patients.  Is it because research shows that the use of acupuncture and herbal therapy is effective in treating fertility conditions? Is it because more people than ever before are having a hard time conceiving? Or because people are starting their families later in life? Whatever the reason, acupuncture is becoming a well known treatment  modality used for all types of conditions related to fertility.

Acupuncture is amazing. As you have heard us say so many times before, Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on a person’s unique constitutional pattern, and that specific pattern is what dictates treatment. It is no different for fertility patients. We figure out your individual diagnosis, then apply treatment to help return your body to a balanced state. Some of the most common diagnoses in Chinese medicine for infertiltiy include: Blood stagnation, Kidney deficiency, Blood deficiency, Yin deficiency, Spleen qi deficiency, and Liver overacting on Spleen.  In terms of western medical diagnoses, there are several that are common for fertility patients, including uterine fibroids, poor egg quality, ovarian cysts, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, tubal blockage, endometriosis, annovulation, thin uterine lining and unexplained fertility.

We have patients at many different points in the fertility process, whether it be just starting to try to conceive, to having tried multiple IUIs, or preparing for IVF. No matter where you are in your journey of starting a family, acupuncture can assist in the process. We love working with fertility patients. There is nothing more gratifying than helping someone conceive and make the family they have always wanted.