Q&A Series 2

This week for our question and answer session we sat down with our practitioner Rebecca Ladizhensky. We love answering all of your questions and we especially love when you submit special topic requests! This week one our patients asked us to talk about mental health. So many people struggle with mental health conditions. But treatment for mental health in the world of Western medicine often comes in the form of prescriptions. What if you want other options? Can acupuncture fill in the gaps?

Rebecca is one our practitioners that is familiar seeing patients with a wide range of emotional conditions. In this weeks Q&A she talks about how acupuncture can help patients cope with daily stressors, overcome extreme anxiety, and find long term relief. Mental health does not need to be something that you figure out how to cope with, or simply live with day to day. There are alternative options that exist and acupuncture is one of them.

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