Q&A Series 1

Everyday our practitioners get so many great questions about how acupuncture works, what types of conditions we treat, and many more. We posted on social media, received phone calls, and asked our regular patients that came into the clinic what questions about acupuncture they would like to have answered by our practitioners. The amount of feedback and questions that we received in reply was astounding!

We are so lucky to be apart of such an active community of patients and followers. So in order to best keep up with your questions we have decided that we are going to turn our Q&A video into a series! Our first video in the series features our practitioner Stephanie Saffer. She answers a few questions about some of the specific conditions that we treat, how we treat them, and how acupuncture can target our patients’ needs.

We would love to hear more of your questions! Feel free to comment on our Facebook post, call our front desk at 503-493-9389, or leave your questions in person. Our practitioners are so excited to have the chance to reach out to a wider audience and answer some of the common questions about acupuncture that we know so many people have! Stay tuned for series 2!