Scared of Needles? Don’t be!

Acupuncture can sometimes be thought of as scary and intimidating when you associate the use of needles with pain relief. Many people simply don’t know what an acupuncture needle looks like or how the process of acupuncture even works. We are here to debunk all of the myths and show the reality of how healing this alternative type of treatment can be.

Acupuncture needles are single use, pre-packaged, medical grade, sterilized needles. At our clinic we use the smallest gauge of stainless steel needle equivalent to two strands of human hair. When inserting the needles our practitioners use a technique to engage the stretch receptors resulting in a pain free insertion.

Regardless of whether you are coming into our clinic for the first time, are a returning patient, or are just curious, we would love to answer your questions! Acupuncture can treat such a wide variety of conditions ranging from stress, sports injuries, infertility, chronic conditions, or even general wellness. Don’t let the fears, myths, stigma, and questions stop you from getting treated!

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