Cleanse for the New Year

It’s almost a new year, and after a season of holiday eating and drinking, there is no better time to start thinking about getting back to feeling healthy and energized. We all know about the dozens of types of cleanses out there, and it seems like everyday we are hearing about a new trend in “detoxing” for your health. Before you start drinking nothing but lemon juice and cayenne pepper, it is important to determine the purpose of why you are doing a cleanse (detoxification, identifying food allergies, etc.). It is very helpful to talk to a practitioner who can help guide you through the process of choosing the right cleanse for you, as well as pick an appropriate time in your life to follow through with the program you choose. Our patients often say they feel amazing as they are doing a cleanse, but it takes preparation and some self-discipline to get your best results.

The biggest reason for doing a cleanse is detoxification. Toxicity can occur from external or internal sources. External toxicity can result from environmental exposures, and internal toxicity is a result of production of metabolic wastes from the body’s biochemical processes, as well as from long-term emotional stress or trauma.

So what are the benefits of doing a cleanse?

    • Clearer skin, reduced acne and rashes
    • Improved energy, mental function and concentration
    • Reduced pain, including headaches, arthritis, joint and muscle pain
    • Weight loss
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Better quality sleep
    • Improved digestion, with reduction of heartburn, gas, bloating or nausea

It is common for our patients to complete a cleanse program, and feel so good that they use what they learned from the experience to start making positive changes to their diet and lifestyle. It really is a great way to get you feeling like the best version of yourself!

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