Detox Yourself With A Cleanse!

It’s springtime, a time of renewal. The days are getting longer, flowers are blooming, change is in the air and it’s the optimal time to do a cleanse. A cleanse is the perfect way to get in tune with your body and really get back to basics. Beyond breaking yourself of bad eating habits and eliminating toxins from your body it’s a way to gain clarity about what your body and mind really need, not crave.

Everyone is asking if they should do one. If so, which one should they do? What are the benefits? Is it difficult? We have the answers!

According to your constitution and lifestyle, we will assess you as an individual and figure out which cleanse will best suit your needs and be most effective.

Due to our diets, our environment, our lifestyle, and the products we use on a daily basis, we are all toxic to varying degrees. We all should do a cleanse once or twice a year or whenever we get motivated and feel like we can fit it in to our schedules. It is best to work with a licensed practitioner to guide you through the process. While you are cleansing, acupuncture can be a big part of achieving desired results and assist your body in stimulating the liver and kidneys to remove toxins. Depending on your toxic load you may experience detox symptoms for the first few days to a week. These symptoms can include headache, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, and brain fog. I know, sounds awful!! But once you get through the tough part you arrive at a place of euphoria!

After a cleanse, people end up feeling energized and clear minded with improved digestive health, increased stamina for workouts, better quality sleep and stronger immune systems, all with a renewed zest for life. Your energy lasts all day without hitting that afternoon slump. It’s worth it! Most people report that once they set their minds to it, it is actually not that hard. You get into the zone and feel like you’re taking charge of your health and life. There really is no better feeling.

Let us know if you are interested!

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