Seeking fertility

I love working with patients who are seeking help with fertility. Whether they are trying on their own for the first time or taking extra steps prescribed by their doctors (often IUI or IVF), acupuncture has the potential to help achieve conception. And there are few things more rewarding than helping couples realize their dream of having a child.

Happily, these days, when couples first begin considering what options exist for them, there is a good chance they have already heard something about acupuncture.

News coverage

Over the past few years, the news media have brought attention to the effectiveness of acupuncture. CBS, FOX, and BBC have each run stories about the successes of acupuncture and the results of fertility research programs. These stories highlight how the modern techniques of reproductive medicine can be enhanced by the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine. Enhancement isn’t the whole story, however, and acupuncture can be of value to anyone seeking assistance. These latter people aren’t so newsworthy, I guess.

More sources

WebMD and the American Pregnancy Association also have interesting information about fertility and acupuncture, and as I was browsing around the web for what fellow licensed practitioners are saying, I found this article in Acupuncture Magazine by Jennifer Dubowsky. My hat’s off to Jennifer for this article and her other insightful contributions on the subject of fertility.

Personal testimonies

There’s nothing like hearing from someone who has gone down the same road, and like many professionals’ web sites, mine has testimonials from some of my fertility patients. But what can be more compelling than seeing and listening to real people? Like on YouTube: |1|2|.

Final thoughts

So there’s a lot of information out there readily available for interested couples. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, I suppose, that the general health and well-being of a patient – something that is at the heart of Chinese medicine — would have a direct impact on a patient’s fertility. Conception is a lot more than sperm meets egg. The physiological and emotional environments in which this takes place will have a dramatic impact on how events unfold. “Nourish the soil before planting the seed.” And then keep nourishing the soil through the ensuing pregnancy and birth. Then it’s . . . slow drum roll in the background . . . parenthood. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

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