First blog

Hello. I’m Sarah Hayes, a licensed acupuncturist with a clinic in Portland, Oregon. And as of today, I’m also a blogger. My hope is to use these pages to join the community of healthcare givers who share their insights and experiences with anyone and everyone who is interested. If that doesn’t mean blogging, I don’t know what does.

My contribution to those interested readers out there? Well, I’ll be writing mostly about my patients, what it means to be a practitioner, and the interactions that have taken place between us. Because I practice Chinese medicine (I’m also a certified Chinese herbalist), there is this important aspect of interaction. Some, for example Ted Kaptchuk in The Web That Has No Weaver, refer to this interaction as a healing alliance. I like the term. (Ted Kaptchuk discusses more about Western and Eastern medicine in an interesting interview conducted by Scientific American Frontiers.)

So my focus will be on Chinese medicine, probably some expanding on the comparisons with Western medicine, what it’s like to be an acupuncturist, and what rewards and surprises I’ve found by following this path. Speaking of surprises, I’ll be including some of my experiences on the business side of things, too. What it was like to graduate and, gulp, step into the world of spreadsheets and laundry sheets. And medical suppliers and taxes. And just how does one go about getting patients to walk through the door, anyway? Why didn’t graduate school have a class in acubusiness? These were the things on my mind back when I first opened my clinic’s door in December ’05, and for the most part they’re still on my mind today. How much longer will I go on doing my own laundry?

I’ve done some looking around, but not nearly enough I fear, locating informative blogs on alternative medicine to share here. What I’ve got so far you can see in the sidebar. Since I’m new at this, and the volume of voices out there is daunting, any suggestions you have for locating relevant sites to check out would be much appreciated.

OK, I’m off and running. I’ll be posting here regularly for the foreseeable future. Wish me luck.

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