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A powerful addition to your treatment plan.

Cancer Treatment in Portland

Cancer touches the lives of almost every person in some form or another. A cancer diagnosis is life-changing, but acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be a powerful addition to your treatment plan. Chinese medicine is an integral adjunctive method for treatment of patients with cancer, and has been in use in China for over 2000 years. Combining Eastern medical therapies with Western cancer treatments creates a more integrated, balanced approach to your care. Acupuncture treatment can help:


Alleviate chemotherapy-related nausea
Relieve side-effects from radiation
Increase appetite and improve digestion
Treat constipation or diarrhea
Extend survival with cancer
Treat insomnia
Relieve fear, stress or anxiety


Chinese herbal formulas can help improve the immune system, relieve stress and increase overall well-being, and can be an important part of your treatment plan.

Stephanie has experience working specifically with breast cancer patients as they go through their course of treatment, whether it be surgical, radiation or chemotherapy. She sees many women in all stages of their cancer experience, from those dealing with a new diagnosis, to patients who have been survivors for many years. Aside from alleviating side-effects listed above, she works with patients on the following issues associated with breast cancer treatment:


Post -mastectomy pain, weakness or itching in the chest or breast area
Breast and arm pain after radiation treatment
Radiation burns on chest and arms
Menopausal symptoms resulting from chemotherapy, surgery, or hormone therapy (tamoxifen, Femara, Arimidex, etc.)
Chest and arm muscle weakness and/or decreased range of motion
Emotional stress

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