by Sarah Carter on October 13, 2014

probioticsAs you may have heard, probiotics are an important part of the arsenal of tools used to treat the gut after a round of antibiotics. The real truth is that probiotics do so much more than follow strep throat. They effectively treat constipation, digestive inflammation, behavioral issues in children, mental health issues in adults, allergies, and so much more. Below is a very interesting article published in the Portland Monthly in July that interviews a well-known medical doctor from OHSU. He explains the importance of the OHSU practice of administering probiotics to all ICU patients on a daily basis.

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Tips for avoiding the common cold

by Sarah Carter on September 17, 2014

Smoke Tree Fall Colors

Fall is the season of the Lung organ.  You may notice a tendency toward grief, the emotion of the lung.  You may have heightened skin sensitivity and dryness, you are more likely to loose your voice, have issues with your sinuses, and overall you are more susceptible to common colds and the flu.  This is because these body areas and functions are all governed by the lungs.

1. Wear a scarf: In Chinese Medicine, there is an area of the back of the neck that is particularly vulnerable to wind, and the entry of external pathogens into the body. If scarves are worn regularly to cover this area, you can help protect yourself from colds and flus.

2. Sweat: If you start to feel the very initial onset of a cold (slight sore throat, urge to swallow, chills, body aches), then bring about a sweat. This could be through a hot shower, gentle exercise, or spicy food. A small amount of sweat will help the body to push out the pathogen.

3. Sleep: In Chinese medicine, as well as some other forms of medicine, it is believed that humans should live as nature cycles, making adjustments with the seasonal changes. Fall and winter are a time of hibernation in nature and should also be for humans. Hibernation is not only a way of life for most animals during the fall and winter months but also for plants and trees.

4. Eat for the season: Eating locally and seasonally is important for overall health and immunity. Foods harvested in the fall and winter seasons include root vegetables, apples, pears, dark greens, and more. These foods are nutrient dense with anti-oxidents and immune boosters to protect against external pathogens. It is also a time to avoid raw diets, and instead eat warm, hearty foods. 

5. Supplement: Especially if you are around children, the elderly, or sick people in general, it is an important time to take your vitamins and keep your immune system strong. Ask us about herbs to boost your immune system. 

6. Acupuncture, massage, and other forms of self care are a great way to keep your body balanced and ready to handle whatever this fall and winter season might have in store for you.

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August 18, 2014

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July 15, 2014

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When we think about living a healthy lifestyle, there are many factors to consider. Exercise, diet and stress management are a few important parts of this equation. What each of these have in common is that they take time, something we often feel short on. When it comes to diet, we often take the quick and easy [...]

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January 27, 2014

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August 13, 2013

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June 26, 2013

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